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James Boswell's notoriety rests on his conversations with Dr. Samuel Johnson. The book he wrote based on his long-time acquaintance with Johnson is one of the most famous books of all time. This book does describe vividly their first meeting and the influence Johnson had on Boswell, but it primarily…
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It is often said as a warning that a biographer should never get too close to his subject in case he or she ends up writing a hagiography. In the case of David Axelrod's book about Joseph Kennedy Jr., there is no need to fear that.   The opening section…
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“God’s ways may be mysterious, but no mystery can justify what God has allowed to be done to innocent children throughout history.” With these ringing words (certainly blasphemous to some) Alan Dershowitz lays down the legal gauntlet against God in his latest book about Abraham. He appeared at the Miami…
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