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The most unusual event at the Miami Book Fair this past November was a dramatic reading from some ancient Greek plays. It is part of a project created by writer, director and translator Bryan Doerries. He is co-founder of Outside the Wire, a social-impact company that uses theatre to address…
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Eileen Pollack did make it into academia, but not the way she planned. Now a professor at the University of Michigan, she teaches creative writing. Her plan was to be a theoretical astrophysicist, looking into the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. This book is the story of her journey from…
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The cultural history of Great Britain is intertwined with its ancient mythic past. It is the landscape peopled by supernatural beings, from Shetland in the north to Jersey in south, that author Carolyne Larrington explores in this book. The author is a fellow and tutor in Medieval English Literature at…
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