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Before Rudolph leads Santa's sleigh this year, he is on a 50-city tour showing off why his red nose saved Christmas. One stop on his tour was Austin, where he delighted an audience consisting mostly of pre-teens and their parents.   This is the 4th consecutive year for the theatrical…
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“You must not expect anything celestial of me!” Jane Eyre declares to Mr. Rochester, the man who loves her. Rochester, undaunted by Jane's multiple efforts to break away from him, declares “Your sternness has a power beyond beauty.”   In this retelling of Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre, the audience…
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The Toronto Fringe Festival earlier this month featured scores of events at a multitude of venues. One mini-theme was science fiction.   The Canadian duo known as James and Jamesy offered an existential performance illuminated only by what appeared to be lampshades on their heads. Winners of a Canadian Comedy…
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