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As the capacity audience at Empire Stage proved, everyone loves tasty balls. Especially at Christmas time. In this case the balls are the little silver ones that decorate cookies. Technically they are called dragee, which in the case of this production is a play on words, as the actor who…
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Years ago on a bitterly cold and snowy night in Denver, my husband and I trudged across much of downtown in a driving blizzard to see a musical production about the life and times of Patsy Cline. The set was period fifties, the costumes and music followed right along. How…
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Loyal readers of this newspaper will recognize three names in this new play Have I Got a Girl For You. Larry Buzzeo, who has performed for 20 years, was featured in four plays reviewed in this newspaper, and Mike Westrich appeared in another one, The Timekeepers. These excellent male actors…
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