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Big Fish, based on the book and subsequent motion picture by Daniel Wallace, is a musical fantasy. Unfortunately the biggest fantasy is that this is a great musical. It is, in fact, a fish out of water. Virtually every professional New York review of the musical, when it premiered in…
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However you pronounce it, Godot is a stage phenomenon. In 2013 I made a special trip to New York City to see the two great knights of the British stage (Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan) perform Waiting for Godot on Broadway. Audiences here in Ft. Lauderdale only have…
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It’s been 44 years since the movie Love Story featured Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw, and now we have those two iconic stars back again, right here in Ft. Lauderdale. This time it is in the play Love Letters. The key word is love, and it was evident from the…
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