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I read with delight this week that the anti-gay preacher Fred Phelps has died (none to soon).  As an editorial comment in this newspaper, whose tag line is News With a Bite, my message is: Burn in Hell FOREVER!!! The anti-human scum who perverted religion to preach that gay people…
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"Myths are deep-seated emotions. What myths do is examined in this book." So said Michael Bronski, lead author of the book You Can Tell Just By Looking. Bronski, a professor at Harvard University, told an audience at the Miami Book Fair International late last year that he has been writing…
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The recent debacle pretending as legislation in Arizona has thrown a wrench into our trip planning. We have planned a trip that includes almost a month in Arizona, the home of a newly passed law allowing legal discrimination of gays. Leaving it to a service provider’s religious beliefs to decide…
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