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Start With A Vision 1 Get inspired. Before you draw a single line, consult an architect, or buy that cool new software application that will do it all, consider your dreams. At the very beginning of this process, it's not about board feet or setbacks or even floor plans. It's…
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    Caffeine addiction isn't pretty. If you normally down at least three cups of coffee to get through the day and find yourself stranded without your usual fix, you know this to be true. Coffee, of course, is actually a superfood -- filled with disease-fighting antioxidants. But while a…
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  Hawaii State Capitol.  Licensed The State House is holding a meeting with the State Mayors on Tuesday at 3pm. It might be an interesting mtg. I may just drop by. Hmmmm......   Tuesday, January 15, 2013 TIME: 3:00 PM to Completion PLACE: Conference Room 309 State Capitol 415 South…
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