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  Article by Eston Dunn MS, Columnist for the Sun News Corporation.  Can you imagine movie theater popcorn without a soda? What’s more refreshing on a hot day than an ice-cold pop? It’s so delicious, so yummy, but what are soft drinks doing to your body? With the recent recall…
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A century ago, one of the most spectacular astronomical sights ever recorded lit up the skies when a grand procession of meteors blazed their way through the Earth's atmosphere. The event made headlines from Toronto to Pennsylvania and New York, and in the days that followed eyewitness reports poured in…
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Article by Eston Dunn  MS, ACSM Special Contributor to the Sun News   In true yo-yo fashion, the latest study on dairy found that of the 20,000 men questioned, those with the largest increase in total dairy intake gained slightly more weight than those who ditched dairy or stayed with…
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