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"Lincoln was a moral man but was not sentimental. He was particularly unsentimental about casualties because he had a realisation about how big the Civil War was.” The quote comes from the great Constitutional expert Mark Neely Jr., speaking at a recent symposium about Lincoln and the Civil War at…
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“I feel like Jane Fonda speaking to the Daughters of the American Revolution.” So said Professor James Robertson, Professor Emeritus at Virginia Tech, as he admitted to having some sympathies for the Southern cause. The venue was a symposium in the main library of Miami about Lincoln, who kept the…
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"To me, Lincoln is so many things," said Dr. Robert Watson in an exploration of Lincoln's legacy. "Abolitionist, politician extraordinaire, poet and orator." But funny man too? Yes, said Watson. "Lincoln was as funny as Will Rogers." In the final lecture of a series presented at the main Broward County…
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