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Abraham Lincoln did not have a doctorate, but he did have "the highest possible degree in the art of persuasion." Robert Krasner, treasurer of the Palm Beach County Civil War roundtable, and a member of the Abraham Lincoln Association, recently gave a talk at the Broward County main library in…
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In another of the fascinating seminar series being held at the Broward Public Library in Fort Lauderdale, law professors Gary Gershman and Tim Dixon of Nova Southeastern University discussed the constitutional issues involved in the Civil War of the 1860s. In order to save the Union, Lincoln "stretched the powers…
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A host of Abraham Lincoln scholars gave a packed audience at History Miami on January 22, 2012 a taste of what America's most popular president thought and said. But it was how Lincoln would view the current state of affairs in this country that drew the greatest response. "Lincoln would…
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