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At the easternmost portion of Canada lies Newfoundland, which may seem an unlikely place to enjoy a tribute show and dinner to Frank Sinatra, the greatest singer of the 20th century.   Only a few keen historians of Sinatra's career will recall he actually performed in Newfoundland twice before it…
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“It was a tour around the Universe!” That was the enthusiastic assessment of the Magnetar Concerto according to Dr. Raymond Laflamme, Director of the Institute for Quantum Computing.   This intersection of music and science was the hyperspatial surface upon which a concert was delivered to an audience at Kitchener's…
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The Italian philosopher Franco Berardi gave an impassioned talk at King's College (University of Western Ontario) in late March 2017. The venue was a conference entitled "New Italian Thought", which saw several important figures visiting from Italy. Excerpts from this address about the current and future state of the world…
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