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As Canada's famous author Yann Martel recently said at a talk in Guelph, “art is a selective view of reality.” When that view is constructed mathematically, and then expressed in music, the result is both startling and impressive.   That was the treat delivered to an audience in downtown Kitchener…
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If you are plagued by mold with a Tempur-Pedic mattress, you are not alone! The photos above shows the formerly white cover over the top of a box spring that was installed less than a year ago in an apartment in Ft. Lauderdale. Instead of being white, it is now…
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Arion and the Dolphin premiered in March 2016, and I had the pleasure of hearing its third performance by the Collegium Musicum of London in June. The performance was held in the famous St. James's Church near Piccadilly Circus. The composer Jonathan Dove describes the story behind the composition of…
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