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Collins Formal Wear will once again be donating tuxedos worth several thousand to a Fashion Show and Silent Auction. In an interview today, sales manager Joel McDonough told me he is very proud to participate in the 8th annual fundraising gala hosted by Community Living Cambridge. Last year the event…
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A group of fiendish villians attacked Batman in downtown Toronto on Halloween night! The exclusive photo for the Sun News shows the moment when Batman jumped in front of the villians. The Penguin yelled "Kill the Bat!". The former Harvey Dent, now the villian Two-Face at left in the photo,…
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2016 is the 'Year of Voting Dangerously.' That is the view of James Retallack, a University of Toronto professor.   An expert on Germany during the period before and after World War I, Retallack delivered the annual Grimm lecture at the German studies department at the University of Waterloo on…
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