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        There's one thing that the warmongering, police statist assholes know nothing about and it's the secret weapon of the people: LOVE. I couldn't get up in the morning and confront the day and Empire without it. Plastic Woman Pelosi wouldn't hold Bush accountable, the Supreme Court…
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  Civil Beat ,a local Hawaii online newpaper that does pretty good investigative journalism here in Hawaii,has a problem.Recently i looked on their website to see if their were any responses to my comments on varying storys their writers placed .I could not find one comment.Strange I thought,so i looked…
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Living in a civilized society demands that differences be tolerated and living in a successful society such as the USA adds the dimension of diversity. Mono ethnic cultures, such as Japan, find themselves limited by the very fact that everyone is and thinks alike. A multiethnic culture, such as the…
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