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We, Including LGBTQIA, Are Successful When We Help Each Other

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Living in a civilized society demands that differences be tolerated and living in a successful society such as the USA adds the dimension of diversity. Mono ethnic cultures, such as Japan, find themselves limited by the very fact that everyone is and thinks alike. A multiethnic culture, such as the USA, is successful in great measure because it is a melting pot.

Whether you believe that being gay or LGBTQIA is a lifestyle choice, an environmental learning, or hard coded genetically, it is a fact of society, and has been for all of recorded history. Gay is not going away; not going away any faster then left handedness, red headedness, obesity, genius, balding or caring.

Those who have an aberrant abhorrent fear of LGBTQIA and feel the need to demean gay individuals might be well served to stand in front of a mirror until the truth presents itself; or at least is allowed to peek around the corner. Those who feel the need to demean another for any reason are simply revealing a part of their true self. Those who help another help themselves; those who need another to lose so that they may win are already losers. Those who care for another regardless of who they may be, care for themselves.

The recent Republican and Democrat conventions revealed stark distinctions polarizing into two clear groups. The Republicans work toward and hope for a mono ethnic society and seem to despise all those who do not fit their narrow perspective.


The Democrat convention was a show of the diversity of American culture particularly inclusive of LGBTQIA issues. There were groups of people there who I didn’t even recognize yet when speakers touched on diverse subjects everyone engaged.


President Obama clearly and unequivocally stated the obvious; we are successful because we help each other. We are successful because of the efforts, culture and creativity constantly brought to America by each successive generation of immigrants. Going it alone may have an archaic romantic allure yet our success is predicated on helping each other.


One is always safe to keep in mind that though they may perceive themselves as an individual, we are each simply a small part of a whole diverse multiethnic society, and wholly dependant on that whole diverse multiethnic society for our very existence, and survival; few if any of us could long survive without those who produce our food and energy and provide for our defense. Cast your aspersion last.


Ric Reily

Ric Reily is the author of two books, Money Is The Root Of All - Skip The Debt Habit, and Gregory’s Hero; and two blogs, LGBT Opinion In A Gay World and LGBT Personal Finance In A Gay World. He is a Member of the Board of Directors of Stonewall National Museum and Archives serving as Treasurer. His firm CFO On Call provides small business finance and operations consulting. Ric is married to John, his partner of 26 years, and lives in South Florida. You can reach Ric at

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