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Civil Beat deletes opinions it does not like! Featured

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Civil Beat ,a local Hawaii online newpaper that does pretty good investigative journalism here in Hawaii,has a problem.Recently i looked on their website to see if their were any responses to my comments on varying storys their writers placed .I could not find one comment.Strange I thought,so i looked and looked and then i entered myname in their search archive's area,and yo and behold most of my 40 some articles were not their.This has occured before so i decided this time to check other commentator's entry's and archives.All of their story were their pages of them.I then sent a contact e-mail to the paper  and had not received a reply the next day so 2 days later i sent another and finally received a reply.The sender suggested perhaps i used a "Anonymous proxy",i do not ever comment in that manner.Also the suggestion was made that they do not delete comments,and perhaps Facebook was slow to post,well i viewed the posts over many days as i checked back again and again to see how the discussion developed on various subjects.I suggested that I may contact Facebook as it sounds like they are suggesting Facebook has access to their server and can delete story's.Funny the comments i have made over the years are still on my facebook page.All i can imagine is someone at Civil Beat does not like to have my comments on their so called Free speech paper.Censorship is VERY BAD ,and i expect Civil Beat to respond with a better answer.Other friends on Civil Beat who are also Facebook friends have said the same thing happens to them.WHAT GIVES PIERRE OMIDYAR?

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