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Senator Brian Schatz labor day greeting

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Taking time to reflect.

Aloha David --

Today, we are taking time to reflect on how organized labor has made Hawaii a better place to live. The values that the labor movement fights for on workplace safety, working hours, and healthcare help all of our families lead healthier, safer, and more stable lives.

For decades, unions have ensured the rights of workers, and protected families. We have unions to thank for establishing the 40-hour workweek, a minimum wage, providing for overtime, and outlawing child labor. Unions were also vital to the passage of Social Security, the most successful anti-poverty program in our nation's history.

I am honored to have received the endorsement of so many Hawaii unions, representing over 70,000 members in Hawaii. These union members provide vital services to our state. Today we thank them for their service, and re-dedicate ourselves to protecting all of our working families.

Visit my Facebook page today to share how you are commemorating your Labor Day this year.

I will continue to fight in the U.S. Senate for these values that we celebrate today. I send my heartfelt thanks to the unions that have fought for working people, and am committed to building a better Hawaii by continuing to fight for pay equity for women, fair Social Security benefits, and the creation of more good-paying jobs.


Brian Schatz
U.S. Senator

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