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Casanova. Even 300 years after his life, the name evokes a certain frisson. But why? The 342-page catalogue accompanying an exhibit about him has this to say.   “Tall, olive-skinned, and muscular, Casanova exuded mesmeric charm, beguiling men and women alike with traits that would be repellent in others. The…
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Few concerts compel one to consult a dictionary, but a Christmas concert held in Austin this week made this a (pleasurable) necessity.   The group that is now entering its 25th year of entertaining audiences in Texas is Conspirare, which literally means (in Latin) to breathe together. Artistic Director Craig…
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Christmas Belles, a new production of a play celebrating its 10th year, is currently spreading holiday cheer at The City Theatre in Austin. To paraphrase a line in the play itself, this is a Class A Southern Comedy. According to one character, "Laughter is the only medicine we can afford…
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